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Physical Therapy of Rotator Cuff Injury

Causes, symptoms, and Physical Therapy of Rotator Cuff Injury 

Physical Therapy of Rotator Cuff Injury: There are four muscles in rotator cuff that work for the stability of the shoulder joint and enable it for moving. Due to any kind of injury, there can be damage to any or all of these four muscles in the rotator cuff. There can be any kind of injury to the ligaments that work to attach these four muscles to the bone. There can be various causes for these kinds of damages. It can be caused due to aging, acute injuries, chronic overuse or other kinds of injuries. Because of this damage to rotator cuff muscles, there can be a pain, disability and reduced range of motion while using the joint off the shoulder.

In the rotator cuff, there are following for muscles that can be damaged due to injuries:

  • Supraspinatus
  • Infraspinatus
  • Subscapularis
  • Teres minor

In your shoulder, there is a ball socket joint that helps your arm to make moments in various directions. When there will be any kind of damage to any of these for muscles, you will face problems to make these moments of your arm.

What is Rotator cuff Injury?

If there is any kind of damage to any of the muscles or ligaments of your rotator cuff or shoulder joint, it is considered as rotator cuff injury. There may be various kinds of injuries and it can cause due to various causes on the rotator cuff. These injuries will limit the strength, range of motion and stability of the shoulder joint. You can get help with a physiotherapist at Sector-48, 33, 46 and Greater Noida west with physiotherapists at home services for treatment.

Symptoms and signs of  Rotator Cuff Injury

When you face any kind of injury to the rotator cuff, you will feel the following symptoms and Signs of it:

  • When you try to make moments with your shoulder joint, you will feel pain problem due to injury
  • The inflammation will limit the moment of the joint
  • You will find swelling in the front part of your shoulder
  • There will be a sound of clicking when you try to raise your arm
  • Stiffness
  • Pain while trying to reach the back
  • Loss of strength and mobility in the arm

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When should you get Physical Therapy of Rotator Cuff Injury?

If you find any of these symptoms after any kind of injury to your arm, you should try to find a good health expert like Dr. Amit Aggarwal and team who is the best Physiotherapist for Rotator Cuff Injury in Noida for its treatment. When you visit health expert or physical therapist, they will diagnose the problem by examining the shoulder. The health expert may check the range of motion of your arm and may test the mobility as well as the strength of the joint of the shoulder. In other diagnosis procedures, there will be x-ray, MRI scan or ultrasound as recommended by the health expert.

Prognosis and healing time?

The healing time and prognosis of rotator cuff injury will depend on the method of treatment. If you visit a good physical therapist like Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centers Noida, he will recommend physical therapy treatment solution for it. It will be good if you can prefer physical therapy treatment because it will help to heal the rotator cuff muscles with exercises and stretching to increase the strength and range of motion. First, they will control the pain and after that, they will help to regain the strength of your shoulder and arm with exercises.