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Fatigue in Older Adults

With increasing age, tiredness and fatigue can be some of the common problems in people. If you do not feel fresh and ready to work even after proper rest, there can be a case of fatigue. It is not a serious disease in most of the cases but it can be caused due to various reasons.

The causes and treatments for the problem of fatigue in older adults

In most of the older adults, the problem of fatigue can be caused due to arthritis, emotional issues, too much alcohol or smoking and an unhealthy lifestyle. There can be many more causes for this problem of tiredness in people.

When it comes to knowing about some of the main reasons for the problem of tiredness and fatigue here are some points for it:

  • Fatigue due to illness:

Various kinds of illness and health problems can be a big reason for tiredness in older aged people. Some of the common health issues are arthritis, rheumatoid, diabetes and much more. According to expert physiotherapist Dr. AmitAgarwal, the various reasons can be there for the problem of tiredness and fatigue.

  • Fatigue due to emotional issues:

While facing the problem of tiredness, many emotional issues play important role in it. There can be issues like anxiety, depression, stress, fear and much more when people face such problems. It impacts the energy of your body and causes fatigue.

  • Other reasons for tiredness of people:

There can be various regular habits that can cause the problem of fatigue and tiredness. If you wake up for late nights or you do not take proper rest, it can be a big reason. The people, who consume too much junk food, caffeine, alcohol, smoking, and sugar products, can face the issue of fatigue in older age.

Tips to get rid of tiredness and fatigue:

When it comes to finding the solution to the problem of fatigues and tiredness it is important to make some essential changes in regular lifestyle. According to the health experts like Dr. Amit Agarwal, if you are able to switch to a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to find treatment for this problem.

  • Regular exercises:

It is very important to add some exercise or yoga to your daily routine if you want to feel active and healthy in older age. You just need to get help from a good physiotherapist like Dr. AmitAgarwal if you want to know about some of the best exercises to get rid of tiredness and fatigue.

  • Switch to a healthy diet:

Diet plays a very important role when it comes to feeling active and healthy regularly. If you want to feel active, you just need to get rid of bad food habits like junk food, alcohol, caffeine and other sugar products.  You just need to add some healthy nutrients in your regular diet to get rid of tiredness.

  • Proper rest and sleep:

With regular exercises and diet, proper rest is also necessary when you have some good health goals in your life. It is important to take asleep of 7-8 hours regularly if you do not want to feel fatigue and tired during your workday.

If you are feeling fatigue for a long time then it is recommended to consult a good health expert. Dr. Amit Agarwal is an experienced health expert who can provide help to leave an active and healthy life with Physiotherapy treatments.