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Physio Problems: Could You Be Wearing the Wrong Shoes


The health problem caused by the wrong pair of shoes

Do you know that wrong pair of footwear can cause various kinds of health issues in human beings? In the present time, it is not possible to spend a day out without stylish and cool footwear. Most of the people consider the design and style of the footwear but they do not prefer the other factors of comfort and quality. You should never compromise with the comfort and quality of the footwear because a wrong pair of shoes can be very harmful to your body. If you are wearing unfit and uncomfortable footwear for a long time, it will cause lots of pain problems in your feet as well as other body parts.

Here are some of the common pain problems caused due to the bad pair of shoes:

  • Foot pain
  • Knee pain problems
  • Hip pain problems
  • Back pain issues
  • Stress on shoulder and neck joints
  • A problem of a headache

According to the Physiotherapist Dr. Amit Aggarwal, it is proved that all these problems can be caused due to an uncomfortable pair of footwear.

Causes of the joint pain problems with bad footwear:

The moment of many body joints depends on your foot moments when you walk. It directly impacts the joints of your knees, hips, lower back, and Shoulders. The human body is designed in a way that when you walk your working style will impact on other joints also. When you are using uncomfortable and a bad quality pair of shoes for a long time, it will affect all the joints in a bad way and will cause such pain problems in your body.

Proper support is necessary for feet:

In the past time, people used to walk barefoot for long distances and they didn’t face such kinds of joint pain problems due to bad foot support. If you are wearing a bad quality issue, it will not provide that proper support to your foot when you walk with it. It will create discomfort in the whole body in all the joints and will create such kind of health problem.

Serious joint pain problems due to high heels:

If you used High Heels for a long time, you already know that it causes discomfort in the whole body. Due to the use of high heels, the pressure of your whole body will go on the front part of your foot and it will cause various kinds of pain problems in the joints of your body. It can also cause serious injury and joint issues because of the change in the centre of gravity. It will always put extra stress on your lower back because you are not walking in a natural position.

The importance of perfect footwear for athletes:

Whether you work out in any gym or you are in athletics, it is always important to find the perfect footwear for your Sports. It is never good to compromise on the quality of your shoes when you are running or exercising for a long time. The bad footwear can cause various injuries to the athletes.

Because of all these reasons, it is always important to make a proper research about the quality of footwear and its design when you want to prevent any kind of health problem or joint pain problem due to it. You should always understand the posture of your body when you are going to get new footwear.

If you are having such a problem then you can visit Physiotherapist Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centres in Noida and Greater Noida West and take proper treatment.