K Taping Therapy

Now K Taping Therapy is available in all “near me” location in Noida, Greater Noida, Noida Extention, Ghaziabad & Delhi NCR locations.

K Taping Therapy Overview:

K Taping Therapy is one of the well-known therapies used to treat injuries in the sporting sector. This therapy may not be used for all the injuries happening in sport, it can be used for some specific common injuries only. Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese Chiropractor had developed this therapy to alleviate the pain. The K Taping therapy is found very instrumental in healing and improving the soft tissues. The tape is made of spandex and cotton acrylic adhesive heat activated to place on the skin properly. This therapy is very useful in case of muscle facilitation, reduced muscle fatigue, pain inhabitation, muscle soreness, reducing oedema, making improvement in blood flow, and several other cases.

How the K Taping Therapy function?

In K Taping, the tape pulls the upper layer of the skin that helps in creating some space between muscle and dermis. Some pressure is relieved between the dermis and the muscle by creating the space between lymph channels. Better lymph drainage is done in the affected area and more space is created for the lymph flow. During the injury, the space between the muscle and the epidermis is compressed making the receptor nerve constantly .

send the message to the brain that pain occurs when light touch or pressure is applied

K Taping theory alters the information that is sent to the brain causing less reaction to the body. It removes all the blockages which slow down the healing process and makes the body work normally. The deeper tissues in the body are healed with the K Taping theory. Speaking theoretically, the increase in the space helps to push more fluid from the muscle which increases the performance of the muscle. K Tape reduces the poor function of the joints improving the alignment of the joint and increases joint mobility.

Things to expect:

K Taping Theory is found to be very effective in the case of injuries. It can help to relieve the pain at a much faster rate. Dr. Aggarwal is a popular physiotherapist who has expertise in providing a better K Taping Theory. Here, the patient is first examined properly and the main injured area is found to make the proper treatment there. Sportsperson, trainers, athletes, etc. particularly use this method for relieving the pain in a shorter duration. However, one thing must be noted that K Taping cannot give complete treatment, it can be useful in promoting healing and improving performance. For complete treatment other treatments are necessary, K Taping can be just supportive.

How many days you need to wear K Taping?

Ideally, the K Taping is kept for around 4 to 5 days. However, depending on the case and type of K Taping your Physiotherapists can guide you better for using this taping.

Does K Taping causes discomfort in daily activities?

Yes. To some extent, the K Taping will cause some sort of discomfort in the free moving of the body part where the Tape is applied. Extra care must be taken while bathing and washing hands.

Can K Taping give a full treatment?

Applying only K Taping cannot provide the full treatment, you need to apply other methods too for complete treatment. K Taping is just a support to the injuries in speeding the healing process.

Are there any side-effects?

When it comes to K Taping there are no side effects for this. It may cause some discomfort while it has no side effects at all.

Know about K Taping Therapy:

K Taping is unsuitable for the following people:


  • Very small children

  • Pregnancy

  • Blood clotting in that area

  • Person having high diabetes