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Cardiac Physiotherapy Department

Cardiac Physiotherapy DepartmentCardiac Physiotherapy

Cardiac problems are increasing in people all over the world on a large scale. There can be various kinds of heart disease conditions to harm the functions of the heart. Some of the common heart disease conditions are a coronary artery, Valvular heart disease, Cardiomyopathy, Heart rhythm disturbances and Heart infections. All these hard conditions can be caused by diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, smoking and other causes.

Symptoms of cardiac diseases:

The symptoms of the cardiac disease may be different according to the condition of patient and cause of the disease. The common symptom of this disease is heaviness and pain problems in the chest of the patient. This pain can be in the arm or jaw of the patient also.

There may be some other symptoms like indigestion and nausea. Some patients can feel the pain problems and Shoulder over back due to cardiac diseases.


When a patient finds some of these signs and symptoms of the Cardiac disease, it is important to find the services of health expert for diagnosis. Now you can get the services of diagnosis with top professional Dr. Amit Aggarwal (PT) in Samvedna hospital. In our hospital, we provide the best facilities to the patients with Cardiac disease for diagnosis.

We are here to provide diagnostic services to the patients according to the detailed medical history of the patient. In our hospitals, we have a team of professionals who use the advanced equipment to provide the detailed diagnosis report to the patient.

World class treatment services for Cardiac disease:

When you search for the best hospital to find the treatment of Cardiac disease, you should visit Samvedna Hospital to find the complete treatment solution with top medical professionals. We are able to provide the complete treatment solution to every patient of this disease. It is also important to provide a better environment for the patients during this Physiotherapy treatment. We understand these needs of the patients and we offer the bunch of facilities to make your stay comfortable in our hospital during the treatment. Dr. Amit Aggarwal (PT) is one of the top medical professionals in the country to offer Physiotherapy services to the patients of Cardiac disease.

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