Class 4 Laser Therapy

Now Class 4 Laser Therapy is available in all “near me” location in Noida, Greater Noida, Noida Extention, Ghaziabad & Delhi NCR locations.

Class 4 Laser Therapy Overview:

Class 4 Laser Therapy is a very nice way to cure musculoskeletal injuries. This therapy uses light wavelengths for curing the patients. It stimulates the relief process in the body which can be very helpful for the swelling, pain, and even curing of the limited range of motion. Class 4 Laser therapy is part of the treatment protocol for musculoskeletal injuries. Now the specialized treatment can be given to the patients with a very nice range of health benefits.

How Class 4 Laser Therapy function?

Class 4 Laser Therapy or Photobiomodulation Therapy functions very efficiently and penetrates more properly. In a shorter duration, the treatment of ligament, muscle, and tendon issues can be done easily. In just a shorter duration, multiple areas of injured tissues can be treated to give improved results. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production is stimulated with the Class 4 Laser Therapy. Production of the ATP is very necessary to 

speed up the process of healing in the cells. ATP production leads to a reduction in the swelling, pain, and improves the other symptoms.

Class 4 Laser Therapy reduces the swelling and pain, improves the motion in the range. This Therapy accelerates the bone repair and healing of the soft tissue at a faster rate. It has a nice impact on the cells helping it to increase the enzymatic responses, cell metabolism, collagen production. Class 4 Laser Therapy is extremely beneficial as it works at the cellular level which makes musculoskeletal health better.

Things to expect:

So, if you are going for the Class 4 Laser Therapy or Photobiomodulation Therapy then we assure you that Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centres will treat you in a better way. Dr. Aggarwal, an expert physiotherapist will first detect the pain area and deliver the Laser Therapy accordingly. Here, Class 4 Laser Therapy will be used as per the severity of the pain. Here, the patients can expect instant relief along with a nice treatment. One Advance feature of Photobiomodulation Therapy is it has No Side Effects and it is a 100% Painless treatment.

How many sessions are needed for Class 4 Laser Therapy?

Class 4 Laser Therapy or Photobiomodulation Therapy needs around 4 to 8 visits for the treatment. If the pain is lesser than 4 sessions are enough or depending on the severity the sessions may increase.

What is the purpose of laser therapy?

Patients often report enhanced feeling laser treatment, or photobiomodulation is the photons’ procedure entering the tissue and interacting with all the cytochrome c complex within the cell mitochondria. The final result of this interaction and the purpose of conducting laser treatment treatments is that the biological cascade of events results in a rise in cell metabolism (promoting tissue healing) and a reduction in both inflammation and pain. We use Laser treatment as a treatment for severe and chronic conditions in addition to post-activity recovery. One more use is yet another choice to prescription medication, an instrument to extend the demand for several surgeries, in addition to pre and post-surgery therapy, to help control anxiety.g, such as a therapeutic heat and a few analgesias right after the treatment. For noticeable changes in symptoms and disease, patients should experience a set of remedies as the advantages of laser treatment from 1 treatment to another are cumulative.

Is it Laser Therapy painful?

Laser treatment treatments have to be administered directly to the skin because laser light cannot penetrate through clothes layers. You may feel soothing warmth during therapy. Many patients are getting Laser treatments to report appreciating the experience, mainly when a massage-ball remedy mind is used to deliver what’s often known as a“laser massage.” Patients receiving remedies with higher-power lasers also frequently report a rapid decrease in pain.

Can the treatment be stopped that I find it too painful?

Surely, although it is painless therapy but if you will be uncomfortable during treatment, We will stop the it. However, stopping the treatment before the decided period cannot provide you the full treatment.

Are there any side-effects of Class 4 Laser Therapy?

No, it has no side-effects. Class IV laser treatment (currently referred to as photobiomodulation) was removed in 2004 from the FDA for its safe and efficacious decrease in pain and raising micro-circulation. Therapy lasers are safe and effective treatment alternatives to reduce musculoskeletal pain and swelling due to trauma. The only risk to harm during laser treatment treatments would be to the eye, and do not worry; we have protective eyewear.

How long will it take until I notice a difference??

Patients often report enhanced feeling, such as a therapeutic heat and a few analgesias right after the treatment. For noticeable changes in symptoms and disease, patients should experience a set of remedies as the advantages of laser treatment from 1 treatment to another are cumulative.

See what Patients Say about Class 4 Laser Therapy or Photobiomodulation Therapy:

Class 4 Laser Therapy is unsuitable for the following conditions:


  • Don’t cure over expansion plates in kids.

  • Don’t treat pregnant patients across the abdominal region or the lower back/ pelvic region.

  • Prevent treating around connective tissue (for instance, thyroid, testes, ovaries).

  • Don’t cure over pacemakers or inner pain pumps.

  • Don’t treat patients taking anti-seizure drugs (like antibiotics or steroids )