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Pulmonary Physiotherapy Department Dr Aggarwal Physio Centre

Physiotherapy for Pulmonary Rehabilitation

A pulmonary rehab program is suggested for those with chronic (ongoing) lung disease. It considerably enhances the patient’s well-being by enhancing breathlessness, the patient’s ability to perform daily activities, and providing methods to control the illness. Our physiotherapists instruct you in breathing methods to help handle the breathlessness due to COPD. They could use placement and breathing exercises, provide ideas for the best way to accelerate your action, and show you how to deal.

What is Pulmonary Physiotherapy?

Lung conditions like asthma, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), etc., may restrict lung function and deteriorate the patient’s well-being. Pulmonary rehabilitation is your ideal method to get consciousness about the illness, learn breathing exercises to manage shortness of breath, and earn support by interacting with different individuals afflicted by similar health problems. Pulmonary rehabilitation has been defined as”an evidence-based, multidisciplinary and comprehensive treatment for individuals with chronic lung ailments that are symptomatic and have any handicap.

Who wants pulmonary rehabilitation?

Pulmonary rehabilitation is excellent for men and women that suffer from some lung disease and experience shortness of breath despite taking regular medicine. A health professional will carry out a complete diagnosis to evaluate the individual’s status, health, and think about different aspects like age, family medical history, etc., to invent a customized strategy. Pulmonary physiotherapy comprises a significant part of COPD therapy and pulmonary fibrosis therapy as it assists in gaining strength and handling the signs of lung ailments.

What exactly does Pulmonary Physiotherapy contain?

After running several tests like pulmonary function tests, six-minute walk evaluations, exercise stress tests, etc., to assess the patient’s heartbeat, blood pressure, oxygen level, and breath management, a tailor-made pulmonary rehabilitation program. Well-thought pulmonary physiotherapy will comprise one or more of these.

1- Breathing methods
Learning deep breathing exercises and practicing yoga often helps handle breathlessness, particularly while experiencing some physical action.

2- Exercise training
Doing exercises that strengthen the back, arms, legs, and other muscles daily increase flexibility and enhance endurance, making it much easier for the individual to enjoy everyday activities.

3- Medical consciousness
The initial step towards therapy is an extensive understanding of someone’s condition, symptoms & signs, medication, and treatment. A fantastic physiotherapist will answer all of your questions and suggest practical approaches or minor lifestyle modifications to help deal much better.

4- Nutritional & emotional counselling
A fantastic diet has a significant part in contributing to an individual’s overall health and well-being. Patients experiencing chronic lung ailments can experience stress, depression, and other problems that have to be solved with excellent advice.