Physiotherapy for Post-Fracture Stiffness in Noida

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Post-Fracture Stiffness Noida

Welcome to Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centre, your number one choice for expert physiotherapy to relieve stiffness after a fracture. Our skilled group of physiotherapists is committed to offering personalised treatment and efficient rehabilitation for many types of fractures, a pain-free recovery process. Discover our comprehensive physical therapy treatments designed to address specific types of fractures, from elbows and wrists to hips and ankles.

Understanding Post-Fracture Stiffness

A knowledge of the mechanical characteristics and stiffness of a bone or substance following a break or fracture is referred to as post-fracture stiffness. Strength and stiffness must be restored during the healing phase because a fracture compromises a bone’s structural integrity. People frequently express concern about stiffness after fractures in various portions of their bodies. This stiffness can interfere with movement and overall quality of life. We recognize the value of tailored physiotherapy in reducing post-fracture stiffness and regaining optimal function at Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centre.

Physiotherapy for Upper Limb Fractures

Physiotherapy is critical for recovering from upper limb fractures because it tailors exercises and special techniques to the specific injury.

Wrist Fractures:

  • Wrist Fracture Rehabilitation: Advanced physiotherapy techniques aim to improve wrist flexibility and strength, addressing the unique challenges of wrist fractures. We use manual therapy and targeted exercises to improve joint mobility and promote healing.
  • Importance of Wrist Fracture Physiotherapy: Wrist fracture rehabilitation exercises include range-of-motion exercises, grip strength training, and proprioceptive drills. These exercises are intended to improve functionality while avoiding complications like stiffness and weakness.

Elbow Fractures:

  • Elbow Fracture Physiotherapy: One common issue following a fracture is elbow stiffness; physiotherapy is required to improve range of motion. Our therapists use manual therapies to manipulate the joint and ease stiffness.
  • Physiotherapy Management of Elbow Fractures: To restore elbow fractures and increase strength and flexibility, a gradual approach is employed in focused exercises. Our therapists guide patients through a series of exercises that gradually increase in intensity, promoting optimal recovery.

Shoulder Fractures:

  • Exercises for shoulder fracture physiotherapy aim to improve the range of motion and strengthen the muscles that support the joint. We employ proprioceptive, strengthening, and stretching exercises to promote healing.
  • The extensive shoulder rehabilitation program consists of a range of exercises and techniques customised to the specific kind and extent of the fracture. Together with the patients, Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centre provides a gradual return to routine activities.

Clavicle and Rib Fractures:

  • Physiotherapy for Clavicle and Rib Fracture Rehabilitation: Physiotherapy for fractures of the clavicle and ribs involves pain management, breathing techniques, and preventative measures against issues including atrophy of the muscles and joints.
  • Post-Clavicle and Rib Fracture Physiotherapy Exercises: Exercises for rib and clavicle fractures should be designed to minimise pain and maximise rehabilitation. Breathing exercises, mild stretching, and strengthening routines all support the healing process.

In all cases, the collaboration between patients and Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centre is crucial for a successful rehabilitation journey, ensuring a gradual return to normal function and preventing long-term complications.

Physiotherapy for Lower Limb Fractures

Physiotherapy is essential in the treatment of lower limb fractures. Providing solutions for specific fracture types.

Tibia and Fibula Fractures

  • Tibia Fracture Rehabilitation: Certain exercises are necessary for the rehabilitation of tibia fractures in physiotherapy. Therapy must be methodical and structured to restore function, strength, and range of motion. Weight bearing exercises, gait training, and muscular strengthening are the key components.
  • Importance of Fibula Fracture Physiotherapy: Weight-bearing is not necessary, however fibula fractures impair lower limb function overall. Restoring mobility, preventing stiffness, and enhancing alignment are the three major objectives of physical therapy. Strengthening exercises for the surrounding muscles are necessary for a complete recovery.

Hip and Femur Fractures:

  • Hip Fracture Physiotherapy: Hip fracture recovery is accelerated by efficient physical treatment. Exercises for joint mobility, balance, and strength are all included in this. Weight-bearing activities are gradually introduced to develop functional independence.
  • Physiotherapy Management of Femoral Neck Fractures: Physiotherapy for femur neck fractures involves specific exercises aimed at enhancing the joint’s strength, flexibility, and stability. It’s crucial to focus on correct weight distribution and coordination during gait training.

Ankle and Metatarsal Fractures:

  • Physiotherapy for Ankle Fracture Rehabilitation: Physical therapy for ankle fractures may include progressive weight-bearing exercises, balancing training, and range-of-motion activities. Stability requires strengthening the muscles surrounding the ankle joint.
  • Post-Metatarsal Fracture Physiotherapy Exercises: After a metatarsal fracture, rehabilitation entails strengthening exercises, toe mobilisation, and gradually increasing weight bearing. Moreover, gait analysis and correction can be included.

In summary,  physical therapy is a comprehensive approach that targets specific problems associated with each kind of fracture, promoting the best possible recovery and functional restoration for patients who have suffered lower limb fractures.

Comprehensive Fracture Management:

At Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centre, we prioritise Comprehensive Fracture Management, Providing a holistic approach that goes beyond healing individuals. We understand that each patient is unique, and our skilled therapists personalise rehabilitation procedures to your exact needs. Our holistic approach aims to accelerate recovery, increase mobility, and reduce discomfort while also creating a comfortable setting for your healing journey. From individual workouts to focused therapy, we deliver a comprehensive and effective rehabilitation procedure. Trust us to guide you through a patient-centered fracture management approach that will help you reach optimal function and well-being.


We recognize the enormous impact that stiffness following a fracture can have on your daily life at Dr. Aggarwal Physio Center. Our commitment extends beyond treatment; our experienced physiotherapy services strive to not only ease stiffness but also to empower you to heal completely. By focusing on tailored treatment and targeted therapy, we hope to improve mobility and function. Trust us for a holistic fracture care strategy that prioritises your overall well-being, resulting in a successful rehabilitation journey suited to your unique requirements and goals. Your journey to recovery begins here, where compassionate care meets clinical understanding.