Manual Therapy

Now Manual Therapy is available in all “near me” location in Noida, Greater Noida, Noida Extention, Ghaziabad & Delhi NCR locations.

Manual Therapy Overview:

Manual Therapy is one of the traditional ways of treatment for any of the injuries. This treatment is opted for by a large number of people. Manual Therapy is particularly given with the physical hands of the practitioners. As opposed to using the machines or other devices, the practitioners use their hands for manipulating the joints and give proper pressure on the muscle tissue for the treatment. This treatment is used to decrease muscle tension, muscle spasms, and joint pain. Hands-on techniques with proper manipulation of the soft tissue and joints are used for pain reduction. It increases the motion range, reduces the pain in the muscle. Here, extensible techniques are used for facilitating the movement in the joints.

How Manual Therapy function?

In Manual Therapy, there is no use of any of the machines or other electronic devices. During the treatment, the pain area and the reason for the pain are analyzed properly to decide the type of treatment to provide. Usually, the pain is mainly due to some tension in the muscle, improper movement of the joints, injuries in the soft tissues, dysfunctioning of the joints, and many more other reasons.

With immense experience and knowledge, the physiotherapist will put proper pressure on appropriate muscles, try to move the dysfunctioning joint to the proper position, and several such methods for curing the pain. Manual force is applied to the injured part of the body for improving the connective tissue, increase the mobility in joints, and decrease muscle tension. The Therapist will work in a way through which the injured part of the body gets treated naturally and the body can heal itself in a better way.

Things to expect:

In Manual therapy, you can expect the therapist to work on the pain-ridden part of the body and get it cured. The reduction of the muscle tension and the stiff joints mobility can be achieved in a more proper way. Dr. Agarrwal, a well-known Physiotherapist provides one of the finest manual therapy treatments for various types of injuries. The treatment given here has cured many of the patients and improved their health condition very nicely. In Manual treatment, you do not have to worry about using any machine or laser type treatment. All the treatment is done in a much natural way only.

How long will be each session?

The duration of each session will depend on the specific needs particularly depending on the problem. However, in general, the duration ranges from 45 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the situation.

Is Manual Therapy painful?

Usually, Manual Therapy does not pain, its aim is to relieve the pain. Temporary soreness in the muscle can happen to a little extent during the therapy process, however, it will only give you better improvement from pain after a while.

Why does it take a longer duration to in manual therapy treatment?

Manual Therapy is not like curing the problem quickly. It takes a certain duration for the tissues in the body to repair themselves, dysfunction of the joint will need to be improved in a much slower process. However, correct treatment can give lasting results.

Are there any side-effects of manual therapy?

As the name suggests, there is no machine used or medication given to the patient. It only deals with hands-on-treatment, so there no side-effects at all for manual therapy.

Manual Therapy Techniques:

Manual Therapy is unsuitable for the following conditions:


  • A person with a heavy blood clotting problem

  • Pregnancy

  • Person suffering from the major skin-related problem

  • Person having pain in different body parts

  • People looking for quicker treatment results