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Best Physiotherapist in Noida. Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centre is an Advance Physio Centre, Our Set-Up Includes Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), Class 4 Laser Therapy, Longwave, Shortwave & K Taping…

Dr. Amit Aggarwal About

History of Our Physio Centres 

The reasoning here at Dr. Amit Aggarwal’s Physio Centers Is not Quite the same as other Centres. We trust that individuals need to show signs of improvement in the most limited timeframe, and back to get a charge out of life without bounds. Have a look at our success journey…

Noida orthopedic Centre

2008: Noida Ortho Centre

Dr. Amit Aggarwal (PT) started his practice in 2008 as an employee in Noida Orthopaedic Centre in Sector-26, Noida. He successfully treated over one thousand patients here. Dr. Aggarwal (PT) worked here for 2 years.

Dipakshi Hospital

2009: Dipakshi Hospital

Dr. Amit Aggarwal started practicing in Dipakshi Hospital Sector-33 at the same time he worked for Noida Ortho Centre as well too. He was appointed as HOD of the Physiotherapy department over here.


2010: Samvedana Pain Management Hospital

After the success of Depakshi Hospital, many existing patients demanded to open a Centre in Sector-48 location. Samvedana was the best pain Management Hospital at this location, Luckily Dr. Amit again appointed as HOD here Too for Physio Department.


2013 Apollo Hospital

Apollo was the next milestone in Dr. Amit’s Success Jurney. He was appointed as HOD in Physiotherapy Department in The Apollo Clinic Sector-53, Noida.

Welcome to Dr. Aggarwal’s Physio Centres

Best Physiotherapist in Noida

“Dr. Amit Aggarwal’s Physiotherapy Centres will provide you the best care to help you move well and stay well..!”

Dr. Aggarwal  Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre is equipped with the latest equipment to give a higher standard of Physiotherapy services. We are the Advance Physio Centre in Noida using Laser Therapy. Laser Therapy is FDA approved & known for Painless treatment, Instant Relief, No Side-Effects, and Permanent Cure of physio problems. We rehabilitate individuals for all illnesses which include heart, lungs, back, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, hands, etc.

Our Mission & Vision

About Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centre Noida Sector 48

Meet Our Physiotherapist at Home Team in Noida

Dr. Amit Aggarwal About

Since 2008, we have treated successfully 22.000+ patients

We provide a multi-disciplinary integrated therapeutic approach for the care of patients, It should be comfortable & painless. As well as Promote the provisions of ethical, Efficient, and cost-effective physical therapy services in a very friendly environment. We Implementing evidence-based practice methods that compel us to measure therapy progress with quantitative outcomes.

Sumit rathi

Doctor Sumit Rathi

BPT, MPT (Neuro)

Dr Bharti Sharma

Dr. Bharti

BPT, MPT (Sports). PhD*

Dr. Guriya choudhary

Dr. Guriya Choudhary

BPT, MPT (Neuro)

Dr. priyank kumar

Dr. Priyank Kumar

BPT, MPT (Ortho)

Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh

Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh


Know What Our Patients Talk About Us

Dr. Aggarwal is a very experienced and professional physiotherapist. He along with his team is very quick to diagnose the issue and proceed with the therapies accordingly. I would highly recommend visiting this centre for any such need.

Chayan Batabyal

"Thank you for making me so much better. Thanks for your good care and concern. Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centre have the best doctor for laser therapy. I am a cricket player and now Because of her I can continue playing matches as before."

Vinod Chauhan

"Visited the hospital on 30th September 2020 when my foot got twisted in the marketplace. I had severe pain but thanks to Dr. Amit Agarwal and his team members for giving me the instant relief."

Shagun Chopra