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Back pain

Back pain is one of the most common health problems that is faced by about 80% of people. People may face the problem of back pain at different stages of life. There can be various causes for this health issue and it can be caused because of the problems in joints, muscles, ligaments, and discs. The most common causes of this problem are bad postural habits and any kind of injury. It is always important to get the services of health experts for the diagnosis of this issue at right time.


In this health condition, most of the people find discomfort or pain problem between the buttocks and lower ribs. In this situation, there can be normal muscle pain or you may face discomfort during sitting, walking, and your regular activities. It may last for a few days as well as weeks based on your health condition. If you have alow a back pain problem for more than 3 months, it is considered as a chronic pain problem.


When it comes to finding the treatment solution for this health condition, you will find various processes according to the situation of your health problem. When it comes to relieving the normal back pain problem, the Physiotherapy treatment services are very helpful in it. You just need to get the services of an experienced and professional physiotherapist like Dr. Amit Aggarwal to get rid of this health condition. The physiotherapists are able to provide treatment in various back pain conditions and they will help your body to go back to normal activities and moments without any discomfort.

When you are going to get services of Physiotherapy treatment, they will provide passive treatment and active treatment to the patient. Passive treatment is very helpful for the relaxation of your body. The physiotherapists start with passive therapy and then they switch to the active treatment to provide the recovery and strength to your body for the treatment of this painful condition.

  • Passive treatment:

There may be various kinds of passive treatments like deep tissue massage, hot and cold therapy, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation during the Physiotherapy procedure for back pain problems. With these statements, they help your body for relaxation and it is like preparation for the active treatment of this condition.

  • Active treatment:

In the procedure of active treatment of physiotherapy, the patient will go through various body exercises for the improvement in strength, flexibility, and core stability to recover from this health condition. All these exercises will help your joints for flexible and stable moments. The physiotherapists advise different exercises based on the cause and condition of the patient during back pain problems.

With both of these therapies, the patients will get help in the healing of any kind of back pain. If your pain problem is caused by bad body posture, they also help to correct the posture with these exercises and regular activities. If you will get these services with a professional physiotherapist like Dr. Amit Aggarwal (PT), he will design a special exercise program according to your health condition and cause of the back pain problem. It is always a good alternative treatment when you can get help with it. Before getting the services of surgery in cases of a back pain problem, it will be good if you can consult a good physiotherapist for help.