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With fine-tuning, it is possible to prevent the risks of cell dysfunction as well as it is very beneficial to slow the effects of aging. For the healthy life of cells in the body, the process of pulsed electromagnetic fields is used by the health experts. With the therapy of pulsed electromagnetic fields, it is possible to provide therapies for healthy cells by reducing the dysfunctions. According to the top health experts and physiotherapist, Dr. Amit Aggarwal (PT), it is proven that this therapy of pulsed electromagnetic fields is very beneficial in the following health conditions:

  • Reduction of pain and inflammation
  • Helpful to reduce the stress on your body
  • Improvements in energy, blood circulation, tissue oxygenation, cholesterol level, blood pressure, sleep quality, and cellular detoxification
  • Helpful in the regeneration of cells and tissues
  • Better repair of soft tissues and bones
  • Helpful in the muscle relaxation
  • Balancing the immune system, stimulate DNA and RNA

The therapy of pulsed electromagnetic fields is used for a long time by the health experts in various medical conditions. Because of these uses of this therapy in the Physio industry, many devices are also available approved by FDA.

The top Physio expert Dr. Amit Aggarwal (PT) recommends that this therapy is very beneficial in wound healing, tissue swelling, broken bones, and depression.


When it comes to knowing about the working of energy, all the items, cells, and chemicals contain energy and produce the electromagnetic field. In our body, all organs have the ability to produce electromagnetic fields. Due to medical science, it is possible to improve the tissue functions, cell metabolism, and the cell repairing process by using electromagnetic energy.

In the treatment services using pulsed electromagnetic fields, they focus on certain body parts and organs to pass the electromagnetic energy for the repairing and better functioning of the cells and tissues. Various kinds of devices are available to provide the therapy of pulsed electromagnetic fields to the patients.

By using these devices, it is possible to control the frequency, strength, waveform, and stimulators according to the condition of the patient. The health experts can control the intensity and frequency during the treatment for any of the health conditions. It is always important to use the perfect device as per the treatment requirements and condition of the patient otherwise there can be bad results.


Are you searching for the health expert services for the treatment by using pulsed electromagnetic fields? If you are also looking to get help for any kind of treatment with the device of EMF for any kind of health condition, it is always important to find services with a good physiotherapist.

Now it is possible to find the treatment with the perfect devices of EMF for various health conditions because of the well medical services available in the Country. If you also want to get the services of a good health expert or physiotherapist for such treatment, you can contact Dr. Amit Aggarwal (PT) for it. He is one of the leading and well-experienced physiotherapists in the country and he is able to provide a complete range of treatment solutions for various health conditions by using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to the patients. He has the experience to provide good results with this treatment solution.