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Symptoms and Treatment for Frozen Shoulder


The symptoms and the best Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

In the condition of frozen shoulder, you will feel stiffness and pain problem to make the moments off your shoulder joint. In this condition, your shoulder joint will be affected due to an injury or other problem. Various injuries and other health problems due to age can cause the problem of frozen shoulder and it can stay for a few months to years.

In the shoulder, there will be 3 bones and these bones form the ball socket joint in the shoulder. These three bones are collarbone, shoulder blade, and upper arm. The tissues will surround the shoulder joint to hold everything together. These tissues are also called as shoulder capsule. In the condition of frozen shoulder, the capsule will become tight and thick that will cause the problem to move your shoulder joint.

Symptoms and signs

In the situation of frozen shoulder, you will find the following symptoms and signs in the shoulder joint:

  • Stiffness and pain issue in shoulder joint
  • Difficulty or problem to move your shoulder
  • Pain problem in muscles of the shoulder at top of the arm
  • Some kinds of sensation in the upper arm
  • Limited movements of the shoulder joint due to frozen problem

When should you get Medical care for Frozen Shoulder?

When the patient feels any of the symptoms and signs, there will be a need for diagnosis and medical treatment. When it comes to finding the diagnosis services for a frozen shoulder problem, you can visit Dr. Aggarwal Physio Centers Noida for it. Dr. Amit Aggarwal (PT) is an experienced and expert physiotherapist who is working to provide diagnosis and treatment services at his Physiocentre in Sector-48 and 33 Noida for the patients.

During the diagnosis processor, the physiotherapist will ask to move your shoulder and there will be some other imaging tests like MRI scan, X-rays, and ultrasound as per the Recommendation of health expert.

Prognosis and healing time:

When it comes to getting the treatment for frozen shoulder, you may get the services of a physical therapist like Dr. Amit Aggarwal & team who will help to treat the problem with stretching and strengthening exercises. It will help to improve the range of motion and strength on the shoulder joint.

The time of healing will depend on the type of treatment provided by the health expert. During the recovery, you can also get service of a physical therapist at home for frozen shoulder. It will be good to get physical therapy treatment for natural healing.